CHARGE is providing our Advocates with an Alert/Update Regarding
Several Important Upcoming Issues Which Merit Your Attention

Protection of Our Property Rights / Roundabout

As most of you know, in what amounted to an unconstitutional taking and violation of our individual property rights, the prior City Council attempted to use a simple approval of Kent Denver's construction permit for its Upper School building to force Kent Denver to contribute land (without any compensation) for the construction of a roundabout at Colorado & Quincy without public input or approval.  Through many of your efforts and that of #SAVEQUINCY, the roundabout was stopped in its tracks - for the time being.

  • The new CHV City Council is meeting Tues 5/7 @6:30PM to vote on a new measure that will once and for all reverse this unfair taking of land from Kent and stop the roundabout from being pursued at that location.

Kent opened its new  building this spring (subject to a temporary certificate of occupancy) with no increase in enrollment (as promised). Even though the new building will not result in increased traffic, Kent has already proposed several immediate traffic mitigation initiatives for Quincy incl among others additional "late start" times in the fall to stagger school traffic with Creek schools, car-pooling incentives, added bike safety, etc.  They continue to work with the new CHV administration on long-term alternatives for traffic mitigation at Quincy & Colorado.

While we would expect the new measure to pass overwhelmingly, there have been rumblings by some that the City should proceed with the taking of Kent's land as a condition of granting Kent its permanent certificate of occupancy and use the land as "leverage" to secure additional concessions from Kent.  In addition to reaffirming this unconstitutional violation of our property rights, further contributing to a hostile (vs. collaborative) relation between the City and Kent, and potentially tossing students and faculty out of their new building, this position is clearly counter to the views expressed by many in the public as well as voters.

Even if you are unable to attend this Tuesday's CHV City Council meeting to make public comment, please write a letter/email in support of this measure (click here for sample)
and submit it to in advance of the meeting.

Denver Metro-Plex / FAA Next Gen Flight Path Re-routing

As many of you are already aware, the FAA is now considering updates to NexGen as part of the Denver Metroplex project.  Of immediate consideration for our Village is the FAA's proposal to re-route Centennial Airport bound traffic from a wide area south of DIA to a narrow track farther north and then south along the foothills.  On April 22, 2019 the FAA released a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) with proposed new flight paths which must comply with certain federal laws and regulations including environmental, DOT, historic preservation, etc. and assess and disclose impacts of such a “major” action before taking those actions on community's such as ours.  The new administration is currently reviewing the draft EA for compliance with federal law (in consultation with Littleton, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Sheridan, Lone Tree, Centennial, and Arapahoe County)  to evaluate whether and to what extent NextGen will have a direct adverse impact on our Village ranging from noise pollution, environmental, health, etc.

We encourage people to become informed on this important issue. While you may make public comment at one of the upcoming CHV CC meetings, it will likely be more useful for people to attend one of several FAA public information/comment workshops which are being held this upcoming week from 5:00-7:30PM:

  • May 7th at the City of Centennial (7272 South Eagle Street);

  • May 8th at Cherry Creek High School (9300 East Union Avenue); and

  • May 9th at Arapahoe Community College (5900 South Santa Fe Drive).

Public comments must be considered by the FAA and may be used to support a legal challenge to final FAA action, if necessary.

For more and current information see http:// metroplex/denver_introduction.html

HOA Rights / CH Farms Comfort Station

For several years, the Cherry Hills Farms HOA has sought approval from the City to construct a “comfort station” (a booth NOT a gate) at its main entrance off University Blvd. In addition to providing a more practical and comfortable environment for the full-time security personnel (currently stationed in a parked vehicle), this would also provide the Farms with enhanced video surveillance capability to increase the safety and security of its homeowners who have seen a recent spike in auto-related burglaries.

  • The new CHV City Council is expected to vote on Tues 5/21 @6:30PM on a measure that will permit the Farms to proceed with construction of its comfort station.

While we would expect this measure to pass without issue, despite the Farms fully-funding this project and working in the past with the City to conform with local planning & zoning requirements, the prior administration tabled this matter for the last several years. We believe this is an important issue for the Village at large (not just for the Farms) because it speaks to the basic rights of our HOAs to take reasonable measures and make improvements that enhance homeowner value and safety without political interference.

Please consider attending the CHV City Council meeting on 5/21 to make public comment, or write a letter/email in support of this measure (click here for a sample)
and submit it to in advance.

Finally, in the wake of several recent public incidents in our Village (and as a follow-up to our campaign platform to improve public safety), the new administration has been working actively with City staff to update the existing public alert/communication system to be able to inform citizens of incidents in real-time with basic information as it becomes readily available so we are both adequately informed and able to assist.

If you have not already, to register to receive these public safety alerts/notices please click the link below

In addition, the new administration has worked closely with the City and Arapahoe County to implement a new modernized records/reporting system which will bring significant improvements and efficiencies to our local police force providing them with greater time and flexibility for patrolling our neighborhoods and streets.

Public Safety Update

Finally, over the next few weeks Mayor Stewart expects to begin holding regular open “office hours” at the new City Hall for people to stop-in, say hello, and discuss any specific issues of importance or concern with him directly, so please stay tuned.

CHARGE is committed to providing our advocates with periodic updates and alters on these and other key topics & developments of interest to our Village.  If you have any thoughts or input on these or any other topics of interest please email us at

Please  also be sure to visit the City’s website to learn more about these and other important topics impacting our Village.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us, the Mayor, or your City Council representative.