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For those who did not see it, our incoming Mayor, Russell Stewart, recently sat down with the Villager to provide a Progress Report on various projects & initiatives planned for Cherry Hills Village in 2019.

  • New Construction. In 2019, the Village will inaugurate the new $4.2MM City Hall which along with the adjoining Joint Public Safety facility (dedicated in 2015), completes construction of the City Center Campus.

  • Fiscal Discipline.  For the first time since its 1945 incorporation the Village borrowed extensively in 2017 to finance new projects.  The Village will consider creating a finance/budget committee with citizen representation to oversee debt repayment and budgeting within the constraints of the City’s current revenue sources.

  • Building & Zoning. The Village has completed a strategic assessment of its Zoning Code and will consider amendments to make regulations easier to read, use, and enforce.  Proposed changes could include, among others, enhancing property owner protection for exactions/dedications, enhancing role of Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) for review of public facilities; conditional uses & site modifications; and re-evaluate approach to site modifications.

  • Public Safety.  The Village has joined with Arapahoe County and surrounding municipalities to “go live” in 2019 with a new records management system which will provide substantial cost savings, but more importantly enhances public safety by allowing different agencies to share information on cases and reduce initial booking and intake time and increase efficiency of our public safety resources.

  • Preservation.  Quincy Farm is a 17.5-acre historic jewel at the center of our Village which is bisected by the High Line and subject to a conservation easement limiting uses to preservation, education, and agriculture.  The Village is currently in the master-planning process and will engage in active community outreach to secure public input and partners for future programming/fundraising.  In 2019, the Village will also partner with Denver & Arapahoe Counties to construct the High Line underpass at Hampden/Colorado - a long-planned enhancement to connectivity & safety of the 71-mile trail.  The Village will continue to work closely with the High Line Conservancy and other stakeholders on Phase II of its framework/vision plan. 

  • Traffic.   The Village will join with Greenwood Village to install a long-needed traffic light at the intersection of Belleview/Steele, which will bring some relief to residents struggling to cope with increased traffic.  The Village will take up proposals to direct P&Z to further investigate and provide recommendations to implement the Master Plan strategies for traffic calming, improving safety, and managing cut-through traffic on residential streets.

  • Governance.  The Village is one of very few cities in which all Council members are elected in an at-large vote (even though representatives are required to come from specific districts).  Council will consider proposals to ask citizens to approve elections of council members by district combined with at-large representation

  • Cell coverage.  As the need for digital connectivity increases, the Village will be exploring with cell phone carriers proposals to install small non-intrusive 4G/5G antennas to improve overall cell coverage throughout our community.

    CHARGE is committed to providing Advocates with periodic updates on these and other key topics & developments of interest to our Village as the year progresses and please be sure to visit the City’s website to learn more about these and other important topics impacting our Village. If you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us, the Mayor, or your City Council representative.

For more information please contact us at chvcharge.2018@gmail.com